Thursday, February 04, 2016

Thursday--February 4th, 2016

Highlights from yesterday's signing day.


Some thoughts about UMass' 2016 class:

1. Whipple said he expects the 2017 class to be even better.

2. Whipple and several of the assistant coaches inferred that recruits were more excited about playing nationally known teams than going to DeKalb or Akron.

3. The UMass staff received positive feedback from other college staffs about the recruiting process in Amherst.

4. I like the number of defensive recruits. In our first four years, UMass wanted to jump-start the offense. Usually the numbers would be like 13 offensive recruits and 8 defense. This year, with the big class, UMass signed 16 defensive players and five of them will be on campus for Spring ball. So far, we have not been winning shootouts. Last year in our three wins, the defense gave up 14, 17 and 26 points. In four losses, the defense also played well enough to win. I think the improved depth and more size and talent will pay big dividends in the future (just don't expect UMass to beat all those SEC teams).

5. Whipple said UMass will be adding four or more "preferred walk-ons" in a couple of weeks. A number of Massachusetts players will be in that group.


Dan Malone says Infinite Tucker makes the LOI Day all-name team.

Dan has a post on UMass signing three-star QB 
Andrew Ford. With the possible exception of Jeff Krohn, who was starting quarterback for a PAC10 team, Ford is the highest rated QB ever to sign with the Minutemen.


Matty Vautour breaks down the 2016 recruiting class.

Matty says social media was a big part of the Minutmen's recruiting success.


Bob McGovern has takeaways from UMass' recruiting class.


Delaware Online has a story about Taylor Edwards signing with UMass.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ has a post about Charly Timite and Raquan Thomas signing with the Minutemen.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- has a story about Tyler Thompson signing with UMass.


Euclid HS, Sharif Saleem's old school had a big signing day yesterday.


Martin Mangram's school, Buford High did well also.


The Miami Herald has a post about Antoine Webster signing with the Minutemen.



Auntie Tona said...

Thanks for keeping us in the loop. The new QB coming in is Andrew,Travis Ford is a basketball coach.

UMass74 said...

Fixed. Thanks for the catch.

minutefanjsf said...

Hopefully next year they will be selling the recruits a new on campus stadium and possible new conference affiliation.