Monday, February 01, 2016

Monday--February 1st, 2016

Catching up on non-recruiting news.

UMass adds former UMass players Matt Dawson and Scott Woodward to the staff.

UMass post on Dawson's appointment here. Matty Vautour has a story about the new coaches and coaching position changes here.

Dan Malone has a longer report on the additions.

NBC Sports has a story about coaching additions at UMass and Hawaii.


The latest iteration of the Spring football roster has the new coaches plus the early enrolled players.

Numbers available:

1--ex Tajae Sharpe & Kelton Brackett
3--ex Kassan Messiah
4--ex Randall Jette
6--ex Jamal Wilson
7--ex Blake Frohnapfel
9-ex Trey Dudley-Giles
10--ex Marken Michel
15--ex A.J. Doyle
16--ex Elgin Long
17--ex Jovan Santos-Knox
20--ex Lorenzo Woodley
22-ex Shadrach Abrokwah
23--ex Blake Lucas
25--ex Joe Colton
33--ex Rodney Mills
54--ex Trey Seals
55-ex Josh Bruns
62--ex Zach Belcher
64--ex Al Leneus
70--ex Ryan Johnson
77--ex Tyrell Smith
78--ex Matt Sparks
88--ex Bernard Davis
91--ex Chris Carter
92--ex Robert Kitching III


Former UMass player and coach Clarence Brooks has been battling esophageal cancer.


The Detroit Free Press has a story on why colleges and recruits play musical chairs.


For the nth time, there is going to be a new start-up spring  pro football league.


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