Friday, February 05, 2016

Friday--February 5th, 2016


Dan Malone talks about UMass' recruiting success as an independent.

The Boston Herald takes note.


Western Michigan again led the MAC in recruiting. You remember the Broncos went 1-11 in 2013. Since then Western Michigan has gone 16-10 and went to two bowls. Their recruiting has made a dramatic change in their record.


Delaware Online has video, an interview and comments from the coach on Taylor Edwards signing with UMass. Good stuff.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- has a post on Leyshawn Askew signing with the Minutemen.


Campus Insiders has a post on who won the recruiting battle for every state.


Louisiana Tech announces their 2016 schedule.

So does FIU.


BC Interruption says the Eagles recruiting is a house of cards.


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