Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Optimus Prime Updates

UPDATE: I'm pretty tired after two trips down to UMass in less than 24 hours. 

So far, not too much available we didn't already know.

Looking at 247Sports UMass recruiting page, it looks like the Minutemen signed all their verbals except for Zuriel Davis. That might be a paperwork thing. It appears nobody flipped at the last minute. That's good news.

Michael Traini's last ever post at Hustle Belt is a recruiting recap of today's signings.

There will be lots more media coverage tomorrow. I'll have some images and start to talk about how we did and how UMass did it.


Bob McGovern says Mark Whipple hit his stride with this recruiting class.

Dan Malone has a post on JUCO QB Andrew Ford verbaling to UMass.

Dan will post today's updates.

Michael Traini has a post on UMass' recruiting at Hustle Belt.


As of 7:30 AM, the Minutemen are one ranked #75 nationally, one step behind Boston College.

If we were in the Sun Belt, we'd have the top class.

We'd be in the top half of the AAC.

We'd be #2 in the MAC.


Mark Whipple announces the first official signing of the day.

Tucker's highlights.

From August of 2014: Tucker poised for a big year.

OK, got to shut down now to get ready to drive down to Amherst for the luncheon. More updates this afternoon.


I'll be going to the LOI luncheon later today. Hope to have some news and images post.


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