Monday, February 08, 2016

Monday--February 8th, 2016

UMass has season tickets on sale and renewals are on route.

Four games in Gillette: Boston College, Mississippi State, Tulane and Louisiana Tech. Whipple said they tried to get Tulane to Amherst, but they said no. Visiting teams want to play in the pro venue.

The two Amherst games, FIU and Wagner are early in the schedule, so the weather should be good.


A TCU blog thinks former UMass commit Artayvious Lynn could be a "sleeper" recruit.


Former UMass player and coach Ben Albert joins the Duke staff.


Campus Insiders thinks UMass is a winnable road game for the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs.


The Washington Post says Redskins need a big WR and Tajae Sharpe is one they could think of.


Victor Cruz says he'd rework his contract to stay with the Giants.



Anonymous said...

"They tried to get Tulane to come to Amherst but they said "No".

They try to get fans to come to Amherst and they also say "No". Somethings got to happen with that old pathetic stadium.

Anonymous said...

Too bad that many alums never give back, you hear me Victor Cruz?