Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wednesday--September 16th, 2015

Coach Whipple says Temple is the best team we've played since I've been here.

UMass is back in CBS' "Bottom 25".

Dan Malone has the Minutemen injury report for the Temple game.


Matty Vautour reports the UMass offensive line prepares for the Temple pass rush.


Temple has their UMass game notes up.

The Owls are in uncharted waters as a road favorite.

Jahad Thomas ran with his opportunity. says the Owls are not getting enough credit.

Temple players have vowed to stay focused.

Owls players were not happy with Cincinnati's comeback.


Keepers College football rankings has Temple by 7.49 over UMass (.htm download).


Florida International is offering free tickets to their game with FCS North Carolina Central.


Campus watch says the MAC had some quality wins last weekend.


The injury bug is hitting Notre Dame hard.

The Irish open as a rare home underdog to Georgia Tech.

The News Sentinel says Norte Dame's injuries are just bad luck.



TopUMassFan said...

Where is everybody? Where's the excitement? This team needs a "12th Man", that's us...15,000 won't cut it.

We need to steal some wins, play BETTER THAN EXPECTED, get a "Signature " win...the time is now!


Let's Go UMass!

Calum said...

Is there anyway to get to the game if you aren't registered on one of the buses? I have a ticket & visiting the school from Scotland this weekend but couldn't access the ems runner site to reserve a seat. Any info would be greatly appreciated!!

Anonymous said...

Google- Max Page - Free public higher education is within our grasp. ... and you will see...surprise Max Page calling for Marty Meehan to cut football, while advocating freebies for all. UMASS' motto continues to be, lets destroy from within, not just with football, but most news coming out of Amherst.

Meanwhile, I believe we will get over 20k on Saturday, all of a sudden people are coming out of the woodwork making plans to attend the Temple game. Good time to steal a win. And a freshman will lead the way, stay tuned.