Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sunday--September 13th, 2015

Well six Buffs fans on the results pool got it right as Colorado beat UMass by 21+.

The Minutemen looked like a team playing their first game. Frohnapfel looked rusty after not playing since early last November. We fumbled the ball after our best run of the first half. Our punter took a knee, which was the same as a blocked punt. We dropped some passes in the first quarter when the game was still competitive.

But most of all, our front seven on defense just got obliterated. Even if we had played better on offense, we weren't going to win that game. It's a fine line on coaching. You don't want to leave your team on the practice field, but UMass needs to run some tackling drills this week.

So the Minutemen have to be resilient. Penn State buried the game tape after the Temple loss. It's another game week starting tomorrow.

BTW, thanks to the Buffs for being gentlemen as they took a 4th-and-long instead of kicking a field goal that would have pushed the score into the 50's.


Whipple said Colorado was better in all phases of the game.

Dan Malone reports UMass run defense was nonexistent.

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Dan said there were few positive takeaways from the trip.


Matty Vautour says it was a Rocky Mountain low.

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Temple held on to beat Cincinnati 36-24.


FIU played Indiana tough, but lost 22-36


Notre Dame won over Virginia with 40-yard TD with 12 seconds left. The Irish also lost Makil Zaire for the season.


The MAC had some big wins and some big losses yesterday. Bowling Green dominated Maryland and Toledo upset #11 Arkansas. Miami, UMass and Ball State took it on the chin.


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WOW- huge change coming on efence. It was needed. The new guy will help.