Saturday, September 19, 2015

Game Day--Temple September 19th, 2015

Well, the weather looks great for Gillette today. High 83 and sunny.

Last week we learned we weren't a PAC-12 team. UMass is probably not ready to beat a team who pundits have picked to win the AAC this year--- and Temple has done nothing to show they won't compete for the league title. But I'm goin' and I'm going to enjoy the game. I think the Minutemen will play better this week.

Mrs Blog and I went to the Franklin Tech-Mohawk game last night in Buckland. Two of Mrs Blog's great-nephews had good games for Franklin Tech. One ran for 191 yards and three TD's. There were no grandstands on the visiting side at Mohawk. There was a crescent moon and two local high schools going at it. It had a real small-town American feel to it. It was a great time. I enjoy football and I enjoy UMass football the most.

Let's get after the Owls. Go UMass!


Dan Malone has how to watch or listen to today's game. The game will be on ESPN3. I have Chrome Cast and it works great. It's easy to watch streaming video on my big flat screen.

Dan Picks the winners of today's MAC games.


Matty Vautour has notes to the Temple game. Speedy FR UMass RB Andy Isabella drew the assignment of simulating Jahad Thomas for the scout team.


UMass President Marty Meehan will be the a honorary captain for today's game and will participate in the coin toss.


Jesse Allen of Hustle Belt says even if the Minutemen start 0-3, they'll be fine.

Michael Traini of Hustle Belt interviews Jake Hyman of Under Dog Empire on the Owls-Minutemen game.


Comcast Sports Philly asks if the Owls can avoid a letdown game. says Temple braces for another top quarterback. also says it's time to grab a seat on the Temple bandwagon.


Rotoworld says Blake Frohnapfel will face a huge test against the Temple defense.


Florida International is 17+ favorite over North Carolina Central.  UMass played North Carolina Central way back in 1979. UMass won 48-7. I was there BTW.


ESPN reports Notre Dame changes its game plan because of all the injuries.


The MAC conference has 12 televised games this week.



Anonymous said...

Logan Laurent punted well last week (except for touching his knee down on a poor snap) and Lucas looked confident. Keep it up.

Btw, BC played FSU hard, and Don Brown's defense was the reason, allowing only one touchdown. It contained Golsen pretty well. Can only imagine what MW and DB could do together with this team. I know it won't happen, but I'd love to see the two working together once more.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your wife's grand nephew's performance. Recruit him!

izy1 said...

Well Frank-lets hope for a better year.
Last weeks performance was best left for no comments.
Chromcast is the nuts, huh?

UMASS87 said...

This team just can't get out of it's own way. Penalty after penalty in the most crucial of times. Strong offensive play for yardage...penalty...bring it back. Stop the opposition on third and short...penalty...first down. I've seen four seasons of this BS and that's enough. I'm out. DK better get the basketball program humming on all cylinders because there is no conference that will touch the toxic waste that is the football team. Prediction...we're back at FCS within 3 years. And as Jerry and George said..."not that there's anything wrong with that".

UMASS87 said...

Implosion (definition): see UMASS football

I honestly don't know how you'll be able to blog after this one.