Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday--September 27th, 2015


Hey UMass fans, we hung with the Irish for the first half. Don't feel bad, that's a really talented Notre Dame offense. Too big and too much team speed for the UMass "D".

We missed a couple of plays that would have made it closer. At the end of the first half we dropped a pass over the middle that would have given UMass a first down at least and prevented Notre Dame's last score of the first half. We also missed a chance to score on Frohnapfel's last series.

And if I was Kelly, I would have gotten out of the hurry-up and passing a couple of series before he did. He didn't have to keep the pedal to the metal that long.

UMass had 450 yards of offense and Ross Comis was 8 for 8 leading the UMass reserves. That pretty much settled who's our 2nd string QB. Another thing we did accomplish was the kicking game was finally decided. Freshman Marquis Young looked good. Andy Isabella did well running back kicks. FR QB James Sosinski made the traveling squad to Notre Dame.

Rodney Mills and Khary Bailey Smith DNP due to injuries. Those two would have helped.

Whipple needs a couple more years recruiting before we can stand up to a team as good as Notre Dame. No shame in that. Nobody quit. I'm not either.


The UMass website has the game writeup, stats and notes.

Besides Mrs. Blog and I, there were a number of UMass at South Bend.

Dan Malone says UMass started strong, but couldn't keep it close.

Dan reports the Minutemen were never in a position to win.

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From the Notre Dame website:

The Irish break out offensively.

Notre Dame has game notes for both sides.

In the game quotes, Kelley said:" You know, hats off to UMass and the way they competed."


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Colorado won easily over Nichols.

Temple had a bye.


UConn lost to Navy.

Boston College beat NIU.



TopUMassFan said...

I thought UMass looked good in the first half. Got behind by 14 and battled back, became the first team this year to score against ND in the first quarter this year.

The ND punt put us in terrible field position and we got burned when we had to punt out of our end zone. The last second TD and the end of the half put us behind by 15 and that was it.

Our guys played hard and with ND for a half. Another year recruiting and we'll be that much stronger. We have proven over the past two weeks to other conferences that we can play with really good teams. Now we have to win 5-7 games and we should get consideration from a couple of conferences...we deserve it!

Anonymous said...

I was disappointed by special teams coverage in particular and pooir tackling in general. Thought this team was not having its best day, which is not to say that I expected a win. We hung close with a top ten team for two quarters. That is encouraging, but I'm pointing out that we came out flat for the third quarter. We should have performed better. Some positives:
Good pass blocking for much of the game;
Run blocking also was quite good for the plays that counted;
Kicking and punting looked good;
Play calling in the first half was very effective and kept ND on their toes;
We have good football players but we need more ATHLETES to be competitive with P5 teams;
We have a brilliant offensive minded head coach;
A couple of more recruiting classes should help establish the program

Anonymous said...

Nichols is a D3 program in Dudley, MA. Nicholls State, which Colorado played, is a FCS program in the Southland Conference located in Thibodaux, LA.

UMass74 said...

Rodney Mills is our #2 playmaker. If we had had him, the Irish would not have been able to concentrate on Sharpe. We put up 250+ yards of offense against Notre Dame's #1 offense in the first half alone. As I said in my post, we missed a couple of plays that would have made the score more respectable.

I don't know how it looked on TV, but Laurent's punt at the end of the first half was his only bad kick. It had distance, but no hang time. The Notre Dame returner had ten yards before anyone from UMass got near him.

The UMass defense really played hard. They got tired after a while. The Irish O-line was much bigger than our defensive guys and their team speed was just too much.

The only thing the game showed was Whipple is a frickin' genius on offense and we need more recruiting on defense.

Not to mention Notre Dame is for real. That's a talented team.

When Mrs Blog and I visited the chapel, I took the opportunity to pray for divine intervention. Didn't work.


Yes, I left off the State after Nichols. Try not to be anal :)

UMass74 said...

Oh, and Marquis Young could be the steal in our 2014 recruiting class.

Once he broke through the line, all those five-star Notre Dame DB's didn't come close to catching him...

Anonymous said...

There was noticeable improvement in how RBs, notably Young and Wilson, found creases and even huge gaps. They ran well, and the play calling should be given much of the credit. i still think the RBs need to burst through the line with more authority and less hesitation. Easy for me to say; I'm not the one facing the ND line!

You are right about R. Mills; having him in the lineup would've certainly created many more opportunities, and dare I say, a couple of more touchdowns with sustained drives, keeping the defense off the field. Could have been a closer game for three quarters just be Mills' presence.

Young is a stud. Can you imagine what the kid is thinking as he's running away from the ND defense in THAT stadium amid all the noise? Last year he's playing at a prep school in New York with very little interest from any FBS or FCS teams. One year later, he runs for the longest touchdown, with serious afterburners, in some two decades--in South Bend --of places! Great story, and it goes to show that, with careful recruiting and determination of an athlete, great things can and will happen!

Wilson had a great game as well, especially after he found his rhythm.