Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday-September 25th, 2015

Good Morning from Dubois, PA, about half way to South Bend.


UMass QB Blake Frohnapfel, who has a 3.67 grade point average in grad school, has been nominated for the Campbell Throphy by he National Football Football foundation

Joe Previte, a 2014 walk-on from Mount Hermon and Brockton HS, is getting significant time on the defensive line.

About 4 million football fans are expected to watch Saturday's UMass-Notre Dame game.

Dan Malone has notes from Coach Whipple about the Notre Dame game.


Matty Vautour has Blake Frohnapfel and the UMass team are excited to be playing at the Golden Dome.

Matthias Farley is always read to be the next man up for the Irish.

Matty reports the Minutemen are hoping to do well at South Bend.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- previews the Irish-Minutemen game.


The Sports Chat Place previews the UMass-Notre Dame game.


Our friend, the Boston Globe previews the game.


The Boston Herald reports UMass eyes the Irish.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- T

Five MAC teams are playing Big10 opponents this Saturday. asks if assembling a top-tier MAC squad is tougher than a BCS team trying to win a National Championship.


Boston College is a 4.5 overdog against NIU.


SB Nation says take Florida International, UMass and the points


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Anonymous said...

Nothing to lose and everything to gain by a strong showing. National exposure for the university is priceless. Huge upside.