Monday, September 14, 2015

Monday--September 14th, 2015

We did have a few positive things happen in Boulder. Tajae Sharpe had a big day (11-138 yards).

UMass had receivers open most of the first half. The Minutemen also had good looks at a number of new players as a whole bunch of redshirt freshman made their debut.

From the UMass notes:

The first-time Minutemen were Jarell Addo, Kelton Brackett, Ross Comis, Sharif Custis, Larry Franklin, Jordin Hamilton, Dan Jonah, Jake Largay, Connor Lemieux, James Oliphant, Joe Previte, Jeremy Rodriguez and Marquis Young. Brackett (UAB) and Franklin (Vanderbilt) have NCAA Division I FBS experience prior to transferring to UMass ahead of the 2015 season.

Marquis Young looked like he had good speed to go with some shifty moves. He went 7-62 0 LOSS 8.9 AVE.


Dan Malone looks behind the numbers at Colorado.

Dan also reports what I said here yesterday: Frohnapfel looked rusty.

Dan looks at the Minutemen's bowl watch.

Dan says it's too early to draw any conclusions about the Minutemen. What he says is true about the Minutemen's whole OOC schedule. Colorado at Boulder would be a tough draw for most Group-of-Five schools. We seem to have a knack for running into teams having their best season in years. Remember Texas Tech with Michael Crabtree? Maine had their only CAA championship in 15 years in 2013. And this year Temple beats Penn State for the first time since the Wisconsin Ice Age. Notre Dame is being touted for a playoff birth.


Matty Vautour looks at UMass' play at Colorado.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------- says two big wins give Temple fans a reason to dream.

Temple RB Jahad Thomas has run for 332 yards in two games and also has a 102 yard kick return.


The Westside Gazette says FIU is legit.


Brian Kelley believes the Irish can play for the National Championship.

Notre Dame moves on with DeShone Kizer as quarterback.



Anonymous said...

Put up or shut up time UMASS.

Unknown said...

Geez could you make any more excuses for the team? The last because they we not prepared. Whip said as much after the game. Colorado is not some super team, they are one of the worst P5's.

MinuteFan said...

I was in Boulder to watch that blow-out. Enjoyed a nice vacation in Boulder and Jackson Hole, so happy I made the trip, despite the game itself.

I think part of the problem people are having is unrealistic expectations as to how UMass stacks up in these OOC games. Far more than half the people polled on this blog thought UMass would win. Based on what? The poll is supposed to be who you think will win based on football ability, not who you WANT to win. The Minutemen are physically overmatched in just about all of these games in the trenches, which are where these things are won. You can throw your whole game plan and hopes for offensive execution out the window when the opposing running back has 5 yards before he is touched by a defender. Believe me, it was far worse in person than on TV. And next year, as an independent, you will get a lot more of these type of games. Recruiting big, fast, strong guys for your front seven is the hardest thing to do. Ever watch Oregon, racking up 60 points a game all year, when they play Alabama or Ohio State? They get run over the same way. I don't know that it will be fixed at UMass any time soon or ever.

I am obviously a big UMass fan or I wouldn't have flown 2,000 miles for the game. But its hard to watch and keep up enthusiasm when so many of these games are mismatches. Four years in and we are 5-32. Next year, how competitive is it going to be with Florida, South Carolina, Miss. State, BYU, etc.? Whipple is a great coach, and I think the new AD is a breath of fresh air. I'll hang in there. Maybe they will get an offer from a decent conference, but again you have to be realistic. What does UMass have to offer? A struggling team, no real stadium, an apathetic student body, politicians and media who are doubtful at best and hostile at their worst. Its a lot to overcome.

Anonymous said...

Minutefan- You spoke a lot of truth here. The mismatches are enough to beat down even the most enthusiastic fan. I love UMass and football in general, but after awhile (and "awhile") has already arrived for some us, it's just hard to watch this team struggle against superior competition. As for the high expectations, look to some of the media who wrote nothing but puff pieces about the "improvement" and "senior leadership" and "returning more starters than any other college football team" and players on various "watch lists", all of which apparently don't mean %$#! when you're playing Colorado, Temple, ND, and now FIU even looks like they're on fire. As the Temple game fast approaches, let's just hope that some corrections are made to put a competitive team on the field. What has gone on here will not build up a fan base.