Saturday, September 12, 2015

Game Day--Colorado September 12th, 2015

Another season of UMass football starts today. My 39th consecutive year with season tickets. It's really been great being a Minutemen fan and running the blog. It's been fun interacting with the UMass fans, former players and the school. Sometimes you've got to appreciated what you have.

What we have is a lot of progress. I'm seriously hoping we upset a PAC-12 in their home stadium today. How great is that?

In 2014 our offense could compete with anybody on our schedule. That in itself was amazin'. Last year we didn't have the running game and that is half of Whipple's offense. The Minutemen did not have an FBS-class defense and special teams were well, problematic.

Today we'll the see the results of Whipple's second year of reconstruction. I'm excited. Today is the 5,598th post for the UMass Football Blog. What I'm saying today is what I always say:

Go UMass!!!


Image by Coach Whipple's Twitter feed
UMass expects Trey Dudley-Giles to stick at safety.

Joe Colton wants to hit some Buffs.

Dan Malone has details on TV and Radio availability of the game. Apparently most PAC-12 feeds will be showing the Washington game on the East Coast, but there may be a work-around for DISH Network subscribers.

UPDATE: On my DISH receiver the game is listed on channel 5454.


Matty Vautour says productive quarterbacks will highlight the Buffs-Minutemen game.


The Daily Camera has five questions for Dan Malone.

TheDaily Camera says the Buffs lean on a 12-player council.


The Boston Herald says UMass' hopes are high.


The Ralphie Report has the keys to the Buffs-Minutemen game.

Folsom Frenzy does a Colorado-UMass pump-up video.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- says Colorado is ready.


The Denver Post reports Colorado-UMass tickets are not flying off the shelves.


Off Tackle Empire previews FIU-Indiana.

------------------------------------------------------------------------- scouts Owls-Bearcats.


The MAC will have 13 televised games this week.



Anonymous said...

Read you every day. Appreciate your commitment to and love for the program and the University.
Now it's time to see what we got.

Anonymous said...

Ditch the bend and break defense. It won't work. We did not give up big plays, but usually gave up 10-15 yards, smh.

Anonymous said...

If Umass-Colorado tickets weren't flying off the shelves you can only imagine what will be happening with the UMass-Temple tickets. Attendance figures for this one could be downright embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

If attendance figures are embarrassing then it is on UMASS-alumni, students,staff and parents and friends. They would rather wave the poms poms for Brady, making him and Kraft richer and richer. While ignoring any sense of school pride.