Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Wednesday--June 3rd, 2015

Dan Malone reports Jean Sifrin was waved by the Colts. That's a shocker; I expected Sifrin to make a strong run at making an NFL roster. Hope he gets picked up by a team with more patience.

Colt Blog "Horseshoe Heroes" blog has more.


College Football Talk has: former UAB players react to the Blazers bringing back football. Mentions Kelton Brackett.

The Kansas City Star says now UAB has to start rebuilding their program.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ mentions Blake Frohnapfel's first team preseason All-Mac Selection by Phil Steele.


More 2016 schedule gymnastics: try to keep up. Southern Mississippi scheduled a home-and-home series with Kentucky. That means their October meeting with BYU has to be moved. Which may then lead to the UMass game at Provo being moved to another date.

You remember BYU and UMass announced a series that would have UMass play @ BYU on October  8th, 2016. Other than the 10/08/16 date, the Minutemen have four open 2016 dates.


I don't often agree with the Boston College blog "BC Interruption", but they pour scorn on UConn for establishing a new Trophy Game with UCF. They say "Why not UMass?".


The College Football Play is considering a work-around for Army-Navy.



Anonymous said...

Here I think, 'what if... Jean had remained with UMass this year....'

TopUMassFan said...

I think Jean had to pull the trigger this past year. Getting a bit old for a rookie, I think Jean showed enough last year for someone to take notice.

I think someone still will or maybe the CFL. I wish him well.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this backward? Rather, didn't BYU schedule MSU on October 8, this necessitating moving UMass to November 19, leaving USM without a date for BYU, whom they did not want to play?

Anonymous said...

UMass/BYU was originally scheduled for 10/8/16. Then BYU scheduled Mich St on that date, bumping UMass to a date TBD. At the time, we shared an open date on 10/15/16. Then BYU scheduled Miss St on 10/15/16. So we had a TBD game with no shared open dates. Apparently it was an option to play on 12/3/16, however that was a failsafe. Now, Southern Miss, who has been trying to duck that series with BYU for several years it seems, pushed BYU to schedule Kentucky. So that leaves UMass and BYU with a shared open date of 11/19/16. AFAIK, it was never previously agreed that UMass would get bumped to 11/19/16, unless they just never announced it. And, the Southern Miss AD is speaking like it was they (and not BYU) who initiaed this move. Getting a late November game scheduled is HUGE for two independent schools, so I would hope that our new AD is on BYU to lock that date down post-haste.


Anonymous said...

BYU and UMass are scheduled on the third-to-last week of the season in 2017 and 2019 as they are in 2016. Fourth-to-last week of the season in 2018.