Thursday, June 04, 2015

Thursday--June 4th, 2015

From the UMass football feed
Good work doing 120 pound dumbbell presses. Before I went on vacation I was doing 60 X 5, 65 X 5 and my last set was 70 X 5 at 173 pound body weight. After a month off, entropy has set in :)


CBS Sport and the MAC have reached a multi-year TV agreement.

Dan Malone comments.


Brandon London announces his retirement from football.


UMass has a Father's Day special on football tickets.


In 2016, Boston College and Georgia Tech will play at Aviva Stadium in Ireland on Spetember 3rd.

Speaking of BC, their top returning receiver, Dan Crimmins, has left the team.


BYU Blog "Vanquish the Foe" talks about the 2016 season and says UMass will suck.


NBC Sports says with media rights contracts on the horizon, Conference USA needs a big year.


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Anonymous said...

Every SBNation blog dismisses UMass as a joke almost every time you read it. I think we'll start surprising some of these teams, starting this year. We may not beat BYU in 2016, I know that, but as long as we can hang with them we'll be in good shape. 2016 is going to be a tough year after we lose all these rising seniors this season, but the program should be getting more experienced and solidified every year we're in FBS.