Saturday, June 06, 2015

Saturday--June 6th, 2014

I can's get this to link on Ryan Bamford's Twitter feed, but he said:

"Tulane on our schedule. Still have 2 more home games to go but we're close. Stay tuned!"

So the wheels are still turning on the 2016 schedule.


The 2016 College Football Hall-of-Fame ballot features two Minutemen, Steve Schubert and Rene Ingoglia.

More on the 2016 ballot from the National Football Foundation.

I saw both play. Steve Schubert was untouchable in UMass' 28-7 win over Boston College in 1972. Ingoglia had the best run I ever saw at McGuirk.


Phil Steele report UMass will be second in the nation in % of lettermen returning in 2015.

NBC Sport has some thoughts about Steele's post.


The Scout Notre Dame blog "Irish Illustrated" expects a 27 point win over UMass and says the Minutemen are the least talented, least capable 2016 opponent.


A Fox Sports article names the top five underated teams in 2015 college football: Notre Dame and Temple are two of the five.


While I was away, ESPN published this preview of Temple.


The Hartford Courant says Steve Addazio has turned Boston College football around.



Anonymous said...

Put that Irish Illustrated bit right on the bulletin board---for the entire season. Let it marinate.

Anonymous said...

ryAn bAmford Confirm's the commitment on june :)

Anonymous said...

Lindy's has R. Mills and R. Jette first team All-MAC. Surprisingly, B. Frohnaphel and T. Sharpe are second team.

Anonymous said...

What "commitment" is that that he's confirming? A commitment to build an indoor practice facility? An expansion to McGuirk? Do tell...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'd love to know what "commitment" that is exactly...maybe making McGuirk somewhere teams will come play, ie plumbing, enclosed south end zone, and improved visitor locker rooms...

Anonymous said...

hmmm...AAC...the only letters is may reaction...OMG

Anonymous said...

I'd go 6-to-midnight pretty, pretty....pretty quickly if that was the case