Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday--June 29th, 2015

There's a new version of the 2015 roster up.

It looks as if some of the 2015 recruits are in for the Summer Session. NCAA regulations limit roster to 105 for summer practice; once the season starts there is no limit on the number of players.

Changes (the bios are empty for the 2015 recruits so far):

Kelton Brackett-- DB 5-11 200 wearing # 1 (same as Tajae Sharpe)
Dan Jonah-- WR 5-11 198 wearing #5 (same as Peter Angeh)
Marquis Young--RB 5-11 200 wearing #8 (same as Shane Huber)
Randall West--QB 6-5 220 wearing #13 (worn by Jordan Broadnax last year)
Shaquille Harris-- WR now wearing #14 (ex #86)
James Sosinski-- QB 6-6 240 wearing #17 (same as Jovan Santos-Knox)
Jordan Hamilton-- DB 5-9 200 wearing #20 (same as Lorenzo Woodley)
J.T. Blyden --RB (not on roster)
Andy Isabella-- RB 5-10 185 wearing #23 (same as Blake Lucas)
Mike Caggiano--K 5-11 170 wearing #31 (worn by Iric Harris last year)
Sekai Lindsey--RB 5-9 210 wearing #35 (worn by Stanley Andre last year)
Lee Moses--DB 6-1 190 wearing #40 (same as Jon Lucier)
Kenny Keam--RB 6-0 227 wearing #46 (same as Lucas Amato)
Lamarriel Taylor--WR 6-2 185 wearing #86 (worn by Shaquille Harris last year)
Darrian Josey--WR 6-0 165 wearing #89 (worn by Jon Denton last year)
Elijah Barrows--WR 6-1 180 no number assigned
Dejion Evans--WR 6-3 203 no number assigned
Tom Rodrick--LB 6-3 230 no number assigned
Theo Yongue--K 5-8 165 no number assigned


Phil Steele looks at first downs per game in 2014: green means 20 best and red means 20 worst. UMass show green in two offensive categories, all red in defense.


Someone you need to know: Ryan Gallant. see the middle of the article for his work with UMass football.


Akron football's attendance is the lowest in the nation. Students say they'll go to the games "if they give us free stuff".

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- previews the 2015 NIU Huskies.


The News & Observer previews the 2015 Boston College Eagles. With two FCS game (only one counts towards bowl eligibility) the Eagles will need to pick up another FBS win to go to a bowl this year.


Colorado HC Jim Leavitt is encouraged by his defensive line prospects.


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