Monday, June 01, 2015

June 1st, 2015

Mississippi State is looking for a 2016 opponent to play in  Starkville. ESPN is supposedly helping to find a non-Power Five opponent. Could it be UMass? The Minutemen already have a tough 2016 schedule. OTOH, Mississippi State should provide a highly lucrative contract.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- looks at Ball State's head coach Pete Lembo and wonders if 2015 will be the year he gets a call from a Power 5 team. The Minutemen play at Ball State on October 31st.


A Bleacher Report writer names UMass as the MAC's potential "Sleeper" team.


The Buffalo News looks at how the University of Buffalo and other schools will adjust to the additional financial drain of full-cost-of-attendance.


Like UMass, the Colorado Buffs have no 2016 verbals as yet.

The Buffs are spending $165 million on a facilities upgrade.


Tajae Sharpe get an "honorable mention" in this college WR ranking. Hopefully, after a full year catching passes from Blake Frohnapfel, he'll be one of the top names in all of college football.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ previews Notre Dame's defensive line.


In this article from May 7th, Temple HC Matt Rhule says there's no reason why the Owls can't compete for the AAC chanpionship. Warning loud auto-run commercial.


The Giants Blog "Big Blue" wonders what New York will get from Victor Cruz.



Anonymous said...

It would be exceedingly ironic if UMass ended up playing Miss St in 2016 after we scheduled a series with LA Tech and are likely going to schedule a series with Tulane (both starting in 2016) because both of those teams moved/cancelled games against Miss St in 2016. If we end up playing all three of those teams in the same season the games would be so intertwined it would be difficult to keep track of.

We have the Hawaii exemption in 2016, so we can play 13 games if we want to. Having game number 13 be a big-time payday game in Starkville would be good for the program. High profile opponent for sure and a big paycheck. We of course still need home games, and that article said that Miss St could look to go on the road in 2016 for that last game, so you could think a 2-for-1 series may be possible as well, with the first game up here and 2 back in MS after.

I myself would look to schedule the 13th game on the road, because you don't always have a chance to do that, and to be able to recoup funds with a payday game like that would be a good thing. Also, as the article says, Miss St would prefer to have a 7th home game, and as long as UMass can get 3 more home games we can certainly travel for game #13.

But UMass might be looking at it as a chance to get a necessary home game, which I can't blame them. A 2-for-1 is a popular deal these days, and who wouldn't want to see Miss St at Gillette in 2016? If Miss St will travel that's very do-able. Then we'd only need 2 more home games, one of them FCS. Hypothetically say we got Tulane to come up here as well, then you only need the FCS game.

The fact that ESPN put Miss St in touch with whomever they are talking to seems like it may link to UMass as well, as it's been well-documented that we approached ESPN for help scheduling in 2016. We'll have to keep an eye on Miss St in the coming weeks to see who they schedule.


UMass74 said...

The Bulldogs would be a tough matchup for sure. They crushed Vanderbilt 51-0 and beat Auburn (by 15) as well as LSU.

Again, they have tons of SEC money, a big payday could make it worthwhile...

Anonymous said...

In the article where it mentions Tajae Sharpe as an honorable mention for best receiver in the nation, it also mentions Rodney Mills as an honorable mention for best tight end in the nation.