Saturday, June 13, 2015

Saturday--June 13th, 2015

If you havn't been following A.D. Bamford's Twitter feed you should. Some good information there.

He says UMass will not have a bowl tie-in in 2016 due to the short lead time. There is a possibility of some TV rights, if I understand correctly. I wonder if NESN would be interested.


Mark Blaudshun says UMass, BC and UConn need a scheduling alliance. Yes they should. Despite the ill-informed snark over at BC Interruption, a three-way series between the New England FBS schools would help everyone.

Boston college averaged 34,270 in 2014 (ACC average was over 50,000) and UConn averaged 27,461. A three-way series would help travel costs and a FBS "Bean Pot" would mean something.

Blaudshun also said Bamford's scheduling has given UMass a chance.


Former UMass legend Steve Baylark partners with Cross Fit Rendition to reach youths interested in sports.


West Virginia Metro News has an audio interview with UMass QB Blake Fronapfel. His segment starts about 11:30 into the podcast.


A Bleacher Report story says MAC coaches average 2.30 years of tenure before they leave.


CBS Sports says take the under in Notre Dame wins.


Fox Sports has winners and losers now that the realignment wave has mostly finished in college football


Auburn plans to have a 10,000+ square foot video board operative by this fall.


College football can't come fast enough. I watched USA-Sweden battle (?) to a scoreless tie while flipping back in forth with the Red Sox blowing an 8-2 lead.

Too bad the FIFA game wasn't a Venezuelan Team. WARNING, NOT WORK SAFE.

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Anonymous said...

NESN is owned by the Red Sox ownership, who owns the Globe, who owns Fenway sports marketing, who handles BC Athletics. So, no NESN is not interested in UMASS.