Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday--June 26th, 2015

The Gridiron Club Golf Classic is coming on August 5th. If you want UMass football to succeed, if you want to win, help Coach Whipple by joining the Gridiron Club. Every membership helps twice. Your donation pays recruiting expenses and enables the staff to bring players in for visits. Your name on the list helps in the culture wars on campus. Irritate the anti-football crowd by joining now. It'll make you feel really good.


Dan Malone has a post on Blake Frohnapfel feeling comfortable in a leadership role.


The MAC blog "Hustle Belt" is running a "Top 70 Players in the MAC series" Khary Bailey-Smith is #70. Khary's UMass bio.


BYU fans say adding Toledo to the Cougars' 2016 slate is "one step above Weber State".


Western Michigan's 2016 recruiting class is now ranked 27th in the nation with 13 three-star recruits.


A sportswriter says the Big 12 should raid some of the Group-of-five schools to become a "mega-conference".


James Ihedigbo says he out-performed his contract last year.


A Bleacher Report writer looks at the Steelers' depth at TE including Rob Blanchflower.


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