Saturday, June 27, 2015

Saturday--June 27th, 2015

UMass website
The UMass website has a feature, images and video from the Minutemen Strongman competition I blogged about a couple of days ago.

If you don't lift the competition UMass DT Robert Kitching won is called "Farmers Walk". Besides the weight (250 pounds in Kitching's case) the barbell tends to want to twist. It creates a massive amount of work for your forearms and the rest of your body.


The UMass website also has a story about former UMass player Darren Thellen (graduated 2012) working with Brockton young people.


Matty Vautour does a question & answer session with the Irish Illustrated.


Dan Rubin of the Boston College blog "BC Interruption" says UMass is one of the teams he loves to hate. Another reason why UMass, BC and UConn should play every year. Nothing is better than beating the team of the guy in the next cubical over :)


Deregulating conference championship games could be huge for college football.


Victor Cruz says "this rehab will make me or break me".


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