Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Wednesday--December 10th, 2014

Dan Malone reviews the 2014 Minuteman offensive line.

At the end of the season the starting line was:

LT Tyrell Smith SO GP-GS 12-12
LG Fabian Hoeller SO GP-GS 12-12
C Matt Sparks JU GP-GS 12-12
RB Michael Boland GP-GS 12-6
RT Elijah Wilkinson GP-GS 12-12

In the rotation:

Josh Bruns JU GP-GS 12-6
Lukas Kolter FR GP-GS 11-0
Tyshon Henderson SO GP-GS 11-0
Ryan Johnson JU GP-GS 11-0


Cameron Mock RSFR
Sam Zeff RSFR
Rich Queen RSFR
Dimiti Angelas FR
Dan DiNicola FR
Anthony Fernandez FR
Femi Oyewole SO

2015 recruits

Joe Parsons
Michael Yarardi
Jack Driscoll
Derek Dumais

Without game tape its useless to try to grade offensive linemen. The OL's stats show up on other players. Blake Frohnapfel's mammoth season was partially a product of the OL's play. UMass was 11th in sacks against, but UMass was 3rd in pass attempts so some of that was because the offense was so pass heavy.

UMass did less well in rushing. The Minutemen were 11th in the MAC in rushing offense (109.3 yards per game). UMass averaged 3.4 yards per rush. In a couple of game (Penn State and Kent State), the opposition pretty much controlled the line of scrimmage.

With 20 offensive linemen on the squad in 2015, there should be plenty of competition for the first and second team. The position should be a strong one for UMass in the future.


Ron Chimelis says uncertainty in the AD position provides UMass football with another challenge.


This is very cool. Tightrope Media Systems will provide a UMass Football Historical kiosk in the new UMass Performance Center. It will have 130 years of searchable historical data on the team.


A Penn Live writer wonders what would have happened if Joe Paterno's proposed Northeast Conference had come to fruition (with UMass included).


Former UMass QB Vito Campanile (1993, 1995) has been named NY Jets HS Coach of the Year.


Sports says UConn should leave the ACC and rejoin the Big East.


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