Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday-- December 12th, 2014

Dan Malone looks at the performance of the UMass quarterbacks in 2014.

First and foremost:

Blake Frohnapfel GS GP-GS 10-10 132.2 EFF 241-437-10 55 % 3345 23 TD's 80 LONG 334.5 yards /game MAC First Team  All-Conference.

Austin Whipple RSFR GP-GS 6-2 117.1 EFF 25-48-3 52.1 % 325 3 TD's 72 LONG 34.2 yards/game.

Other QB's on roster:

Ross Comis FR
A.J. Doyle JR
Andrew Verboys

Incoming recruits:

Randall West
James Soinski

Well Blake Frohnapfel was the best thing UMass fans have seen in a long time. Besides his amazin' numbers (334.5 yards a game is a UMass record by a large margin), Frohnapfel has the intangibles that make an effective QB. I was at the Colgate game 2005 out in Andy Kerr Stadium when Tim Day threw four INT's in the first half. Liam Coen came in the second half and went 20-35-193 and two TD's to spark a furious UMass comeback. Coen started every game for the rest of his career after that. Frohnapfel has those kind of intangibles  He looked good and suddenly UMass has a bunch of good receivers. Sixteen Minuteman players caught passes in 2014.

Frohnapfel will be the starting Minutemen QB as long as his career lasts (hopefully 13 games in 2015).

Verboys has by far the best foot speed of the rest of the QB's. He could get some reps out of the wildcat next year.  Comis has had a lot of favorable press; it'll be interesting to see him in the Spring game. Since Frohnapfel will certainly be the starting QB in 2015, A.J. Doyle may not want to sit out another year. Whipple's second game was OK, but it looked like everyone lost a gear---- it looked like 2013. However, Whipple did improve a lot in his second game.


The annual Max Page dog-and-pony show went off yesterday. Please all UMass fans, if you get a chance to meet him , shake Chancellor Subbasawamy's hand for defending UMass football.

The facility senate then voted to dissolve the ad-hoc committee on football.


Matty V. says Chancellor Subbasawamy tells Max Page to to put a sock in it.


Over at Hustle Belt, Jesse Allen and Max Moore review the 2014 Minutemen season.



Anonymous said...

I think any and all UMass Football fans should email Chancellor Subbaswamy
and thank him for his support of the program (,without his support who knows if there would even be a football program today

Anonymous said...

Hopefully we play in fourteen and not thirteen. I'm alluding to the MAC championship game in '15.

Ironic in that Max Page is a professor of architecture who pontificates on the majestic and the sublime in building theory while deconstructing, and not building. Just look at some of the titles that this guy has published. What a crackpot.

UMass74 said...

You are correct Sir. I didn't of the MAC Championship game.

UMass74 said...

That's I didn't THINK of the MAC Championship game.