Monday, December 15, 2014

Monday---December 15th, 2014

On Saturday, Dan Malone continued his 2014 review series this time covering receivers.

If anything in UMass football showed the impact of Whipple/Frohnapfel it was the wide receiver corps.  The Minutemen had 16 players in 2014 catch the football and two more Jon Denton and Elgin Long make contributions. In 2013 the longest reception by a WR was 38 yards. In 2014, the Minutemen had SIX receivers with catches of 50 yards or more. Suddenly, UMass had lots of good lookin' receivers.

The Starters:

Tajae Sharpe GS-GP 12-12 85-1281 7 TD 77 LONG 106.6.8 AVE/G
Jean Sirfin GS-GP11-9 42-642 6 YD 76 LONG 58.4
Rodney Mills GS-GP 12-7 30-489 5 TD 72 LONG 40.8
Marken Michel GS-GP 12-5 30-386 1 TD 50 LONG 30.8
Jalen Williams GS-GP 11-3 20-307 4 TD's 60 LONG 27.9

In the Rotation (just about everybody but freshmen and walk-ons)

Alex Kenney GS-GP 12-5 9-190 1 TD 80 LONG 15.8
Shakur Nesmith GS-GP 10-1 7-105 1 TD 36 LONG (see 2013) 105
Brandon Howard  GS-GP 12-2 4-57 22 LONG  4.8
Bernard Davis GS-GP 11-2 2-20 14 LONG  1.8
Shaq Harris GP-GS 0-7 1-36 7 Kick returns 140 yards
Jon Denton GS-GP 8-1 (blocking)
Elgin Long GS-GP 7-0 Wildcat


Alfred Adarkwah FR
J.T Kelley FR
Ryan Heath FR
Dan Jonah JR
Kevin Lovaincy SO
Conner Lemieux RSFR
Sharif Custis RSFR
Jordan Fiske FR
Jon Lucier FR
Todd Stafford RSFR

Sharpe flat out looked like a NFL receiver catching sideline outs from Fronapfel. Sifrin appeared raw in aspects, but he physically was a mis-match for most teams. Watching Frohnapfel throw and the the wide receivers catch was the most fun UMass fans have had in a long time.


Thank you video from the Minutemen Club.


David Tolintino, a 6-2, 275 pound DT from St. Peters Prep in NJ verbaled to Navy. Tolintino had a UMass offer.


Northern Illinois to the Big Ten?


OT, but Lou Roe's son is playing hoops for Hopkins Academy.



Anonymous said...

Frank, It was that first TD pass against BC that made me realize we had something special in Frohnaphel and Sharpe. You are right about Sharpe. I will go so far as to say that Sharpe and Frohnaphel look to be second or third team preseason All-American candidates.

UMass74 said...

In 2015, Alex Kenney should get a free agent contract. I think he'll show well in the Combine.

Sifrin may be a draft pick. He'd probably get better $$ if he played in a bowl game, but he probably won't stay that long.

In 2016, Frohnapfel and Sharpe should be draft picks if both stay healthy. Michel, Williams and Mills could all be free agent signings.

When Frohnapfel was throwing those three-in-row side outs to Sharpe, I was thinking "Damm that looks like Payton Manning throwing Demaryius Thomas"