Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tuesday--December 16th, 2014

Dan Malone continues his 2014 season review this time covering running backs.

The Starters:

Shadrach Abrokwah GP-GS 8-5 122-578 4.7 AVE 7 TD 24 LONG 72.2 AVE/game
Lorenzo Woodley GP-GS10-1 104-415 4.0 AVE 5 TD 43 LONG 41.4
J.T Blyden GP-GS5 5-1 38-117 3.1 AVE 18 LONG 23.3
Jamal Wilson GP-GS 3-3 20-88 4.4 AVE 1 TD 11 LONG 29.3
Matt Tuleja GP-GS 11-2 blocking fullback
Marken Michel GP-GS 12-5 19-115 6.1 AVE 1 TD 50 LONG (Wildcat)

In the Rotation:

Elgin Long GP-GS 7-0 6-36 6.0 AVE 1 TD
Andrew Libby GP-GS 10-0 2-3 1.5 AVE


Jordan Broadnax RSJR
Manwon Brisbane RSFR
Daquan Mack RSFR

The Minutemen rushing game was one aspect of the offense that didn't get jump-started under Whipple in 2014. This year UMass averaged 3.4 yards/carry with 1312 total yards rushing. In 2013, we averaged 3.4 yards/carry with 1502 total rushing yards.

One aspect of the running game that did improve was the Wildcat. Under Molnar, it usually went for -3 yards a carry. This year Michel had a 50-yard run and usually gained positive yards.

The loss of Jamal Wilson, who averaged 4.0 yards a carry against the BCS portion of UMass' schedule hurt the cause. The longest run from scrimmage (not counting Marken Michel out of the Wildcat) was 38 yards. When Whipple looked at the roster and recruits this Spring, he brought in Drew Harris. I think that was somewhat of a statement. When we played Penn State, the Nittany Lions defensive ends ran down our running backs from behind. In our last game, Buffalo had much the faster RB.

I would think that a JUCO or transfer RB would behind only a kicker in recruiting priority this Spring.


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Anonymous said...

I think you're right about bringing in a homerun RB. We have four fairly consistent performers, but no breakaway threat. And if the running game can improve by 30%, our passing game will also improve.