Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Tuesday--December 2nd, 2014

Dan Malone has video about Stanley Andre wrapping up his career with the Minutemen.

Dan looks at Twitter comments about the 2014 Football season.

He also has Blake Frohnapfel recovers from injury while he waits for next season.


Matty Vautour says UAB's woes could be an opportunity for UMass. Remember, things are different in college football in the era of realignments. It's chess, not football. You have to think several moves ahead. We got a good coach, we should win in the MAC next year; next we need a conference. I don't think the FBS college playoffs will continue in their current format. They'll move to eight teams and ---- eventually 16 like all the other division playoffs. One slot for each conference champion, including the group of five and six at large teams.

That'll probably cause some more realignments. The AAC would be the best for us, but it's probably going to take a knight's tour to get there.


Dan Maynes #97

Daniel Maynes has won the Nason Award for Senior Achievement from the New England Football Writers Association. Living with Crohn's Disease is no walk in the park. Playing football with it is impressive.


Bowling Green and NIU are set for Round II of MAC Conference Championship games.

The Buffalo Bulls new coach was 109-6 with Wisconsin-Whitewater.


BC's seventh win improves their bowl situation.


ESPN says nine teams remain in contention for the college football playoffs.


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