Monday, December 01, 2014

Monday-- December 1st, 2014

Dan Malone has a link to post Buffalo game interviews.

UMass wide receivers
He also has Austin Whipple setting his sights on being the #1 backup QB next year.

Dan also has a video on the "littlest Minuteman" Jared Currier.


Dick Bresciani, a former member the UMass Athletic Dept and all-around good guy passed away Saturday.


The word is UAB is shutting down its football program, would that leave a slot in Conference USA for UMass?

Conference USA has former CAA foe Old Dominion, Marshall and two Florida schools (an area Whipple likes to recruit) and would be excellent place for the Minutemen to land after 2015. UMass would bring a Northeast media presence to Conference USA.

UMass should also be able to compete in football in Conference USA right away. The AAC would be even better in terms of athletic profile, but Whipple would have a much tougher job getting UMass into a winning profile in that conference.


Buffalo has reportedly signed Lance Leipold as their new Head Coach.


Hustle Belt has the end-of-season MAC Conference bowl predictions.


UMass finishes 10th in the last MAC Hustle Belt power poll.


Sports Illustrated says the #4 slot in the college football playoffs is still up in the air.



Alum said...

I feel bad for UAB.

I don't think UMass needs to overreact and jump at C-USA. Let things play out through 2016. The AAC does not make me jump with excitement but after all the conference re-alignment BS a few years ago it's the best place for UMass as things currently stand. I'd love a hybrid A-10/AAC/CAA conference to eventually emerge to keep all the East Coast schools together.

Anonymous said...

I think what McCutcheon is looking (waiting?) for is a home for all sports. With the legacy income from the A10 for mens BB (especially with 6 teams making it last year) it may not make sense to leave that annual check on the table and to put mens BB in the SunBelt or C-USA. The best fit for travel geographically (for all sports) would be the AAC.
Me thinks with an NCAA appearance by BB and even a Toilet Bowl appearance by FB in 2015 and McCutcheon gets a call from the AAC this time next year. Go hoops! Go FB!

Mark C.
class of '89
New Boston, NH

UMass74 said...

The AAC with Temple and UConn would be any UMass fan's first choice, but I doubt we would turn down a CUSA or Sunbelt offer for football in the near term. The TV, bowl income and scheduling solutions would be a big help to the program.

Just because we join the Sunbelt for a time, doesn't mean we'd be there forever...