Friday, December 26, 2014

December 26th, 2015

It's forty days until Letter-of-Intent Day. While we wait for this year's recruits to appear, there's almost 20 recruits already on the squad that we haven't seen yet---- the redshirts.

I looked at the player participation lists in all 12 games. Forgive me if I missed any broken redshirts, but these are the apparent totals.


Ross Comis 6-2 205
Andrew Verboys 5-11 200

Verboys has fastest feet than any QB Minutemen fans have seen in a while. Comis is one player I want to watch in 2015's Spring Game. He doesn't have the 6-5 225 size everyone wants in a QB these days, but a lot of quarterbacking is intangibles. Move the offense and win and you're a QB.

Defensive backs:

Charan Singh 6-2 192
Jarell Addo 6-2 186
Joel Devariste 6-0 195
Jeremy Rodriguez 6-2 196

Singh and Addo have FBS size. Rodriguez received some favorable mention by the coaching staff. Devariste is a walk-on.


Jordan Fiske 6-3 225
Jon Lucier 6-6 215

Fiske spent a year at East Coast Prep before joining UMass, so he's a year older.

Offensive Line:

Dimitri Angelas 6-5 291
Anthony Fernandez 6-6 302
Dan DiNicola 6-6 275

The FBS-FCS divide is most apparent in linemen. With four OL recruits already verbaled for 2015, UMass will have 20+ offensive linemen on the roster. That's a big change from 2012, where the Minutemen struggled to field five guys.

Wide Receivers:

Alfred Adarkwah 6-4 188
J.T. Kelley 6-6 215
Ryan Heath 5-9 190

Defensive Linemen:

Jack Wynne 6-5 253
Basit Dennis 6-2 280
Chris Carter 6-4 276
Jake Largay 6-6 280

Defensive line is definitely a position where the Minutemen need more and bigger bodies. Besides the four listed above UMass has two DL recruits so far in the 2015 verbals.

Who will see action as a RSFR in 2015? I think Addo and Rodriguez will make the rotation in the defensive backfield. Comis and Verboys should be in contention for the #2 QB. Carter and Largay should get some reps in the defensive line. Everyone else, we'll have to watch in the Spring Game.


If you somehow missed the wild ending of the CMU-Western Kentucky Bahamas Bowl, here it is. Central Michigan down 49-14 in the fourth quarter, came all the way back to nearly win the game.


Only a couple of hundred fans went to the Bahamas Bowl, but as USA Today explains, bowl attendance doesn't really matter any more.



Anonymous said...

Very good assessment, Frank. There are a few other guys in the mix. We have to seriously start thinking about top-flight replacements at QB, TE, and WR. Secondary should be better next year as should the DL.

Would love to be invited to the Bahamas Bowl after winning the MAC championship game. We could charter a cruise ship....

Anonymous said...

Very good assessment, Frank. We need to think in terms of the future. Replacing Jean and then Froh, Rodney, and Tajae should be a priority. I feel better about the DL and especially the secondary. Get a kicker and a punter.

I would love an invitation to the Bahamas Bowl after winning the MAC championship game. We could charter a cruise ship....

Anonymous said...

Frank, what are your thoughts about moving Jordan Broadnax to the secondary or as a slot receiver?

UMass74 said...

Actually, I was thinking Broadnax was out of eligibility, which was (is)wrong.

He had an excellent year as a sophomore running back kicks (over 900 yards). His returns were one of the few sparks in 2013.

If he's healthy, I'd try him again at kick returning. WR is a crowded position at UMass. As a Senior, he'd probably be Special Teams Captain.

Anonymous said...

Frank, thanks for your great work and a belated Merry Christmas! Best wishes in 2015!