Thursday, June 07, 2012

Thursday--June 7, 2012

I received Phil Steele's college football magazine in the mail yesterday. It's got some interesting things about UMass' 2011 recruiting.

Steele ranks every recruit for every team with a "power strength" number. I won't go into the details as they cover a whole page of single spaced script. He further breaks down recruits into "highly touted" and "very highly touted" categories. A "very highly touted" QB is a top-30 recruit. A "highly touted" QB is a top 100. For OL the score is 100 and 250 (because the talent pool is larger). Each position has a different score ranking.

The results for the MAC are interesting.


Central Michigan---1---8
Bowling Green---1---6
Northern Illinois---0---6
Miami Ohio---0---6
Eastern Michigan---0---5
Western Michigan---0---4
Kent State---0---4
Ball State---0---2

UMass' five "highly touted" recruits are

DL Bernardo Nunez PS# 113
QB A.J. Doyle PS# 74
OL Michael Boland PS# 208
DB Stacey Bedell PS# 234
DB Trey Dudley-Giles PS#235

He also has an overall recruiting rating which is base on total number of recruits, total of PS#, etc.


  1. Central Michigan
  2. Miami Ohio
  3. Toledo
  4. Ohio
  5. Bowling Green
  6. Kent State
  7. Northern Illinois
  8. Buffalo
  9. Western Michigan
  10. UMass
  11. Eastern Michigan
  12. Ball State
  13. Akron
The conclusion is that UMass seems to have done pretty well in Coach Molnar's short 2011 recruiting season. Now if he can land a couple of those recruits I've been blogging about nearly daily, UMass could end up in the top echelons of MAC recruiting in 2012.


UMass and FAU are the lowest ranked teams in NCAA Football 13.


Speaking of recruiting, Football Scoop has a video of a 13-day recruiting trip by a Bowling Green assistant coach. The Falcon's coach hits some of the same recruiting areas UMass has been recruiting.


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