Friday, June 01, 2012

Friday---June 1st, 2012

The NBC blog "Inside the Irish" has another report quoting Matty V about transfers Williams and Walker.

In 2003 we had a transfer from Indiana named Colin Christopher. His body frame was a lot like Hafis Williams. Christopher was very successful in his one year with  the Minutemen, making the 2003 A10 All-Conference team.

Back in 2010 Matty V. wrote an article on UMass' All-Transfer team. Christopher was on it.


Phil Steele has another entry in his daily blog, this time about percent of team tackles returning in 2012. UMass is #31 on the list of 124 teams with 74.76% of our 2011 total returning.


Keeper's College Football rankings has the 2012 % returning for all units in each 2012 team .


College Football News predicts the bottom 12 teams in 2012 and says the Minutemen are dead last with a predicted 0-12 record.


National Sports rankings has the 2012 edition of their computer schedule simulation up. The simulation even predicts the box score (click on "results").

The computer was kinder to UMass than College Football News,  predicting a 2-10 season for the Minutemen when I ran the simulation.

 Massachusetts (2012)     19          Connecticut (2012)     40   
Indiana (2012)     25          Massachusetts (2012)     12
 Massachusetts (2012)     29          Michigan (2012)     50  
 Massachusetts (2012)     36          Miami (OH) (2012)     44
 Ohio (2012)     38          Massachusetts (2012)     19
 Massachusetts (2012)     18          W. Michigan (2012)     33
 Bowling Green (2012)     38          Massachusetts (2012)     27
 Massachusetts (2012)     9          Vanderbilt (2012)     44
 Massachusetts (2012)     31          Northern Illinois (2012)     37
Massachusetts (2012)     24          Akron (2012)     23
 Buffalo (2012)     32          Massachusetts (2012)     41
 Central Michigan (2012)     25          Massachusetts (2012) 12


Strange things happen when you are a football blogger. Yesterday I received a card in the mail from Georgia State asking me to join the Panthers football booster club.


OT, but Sports Illustrated has a basketball recruiting news article that mentions UMass offering to a couple of recruits.


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Anonymous said...

Frank- It seems Umass is doing nothingmore than in the past to get the eastern mass people on board for season/game tickets. Do they realize this could be a flop if they keep this up? I hope they have contracted with some professionals, as Gillette Stadium has nothing to do with sales or promotions,as per the arrangement with the Kraft Group. Do you have any info,since you have done more to promote Umass football than anyone!!