Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wednesday---June 13th, 2012

Good Morning from Jaffrey, where we apparently having a monsoon season.


Matty V has a story about the upgrades for McGuirk stadium and a new hoops practice facility. He says it appears some UMass games will be on WWEI. The western Mass all-sports station will carry some of the UMass football and basketball games. One of our commenters will be happy to know that the athletic dept will be staring a football season ticket advertising blitz starting in early July.


A link to an article that has the recruiting budgets of most FBS teams. UMass is not listeded.
  • Akron 186,720
  • Ball State 84, 268
  • Buffalo N/A
  • Central Michigan 174,715
  • Eastern Michigan 230,141
  • Kent State 75,953 
  • Miami of Ohio 242,792
  • NIU 121,815
  •  Toledo 209,143
Some of our 2012 OOC opponents:
  • UConn 263,301
  • Indiana 273,137
  • Michigan 577,605
  • Vanderbilt N/A

Yahoo Sports reviews the four new FBS team (including UMass).

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- reviews the "sleepers" in each MAC team. UMass is on page two. Mentioned are DB Mike Lee and OT Stephane Milhim.


Tampa Bay Online has a story about 2011-12 notables from the Sun Coast and mentions two UMass recruits Tyler Bergantio (UMass hoops) and Trey Dudley-Giles (UMass football).

Trey Dudey-Giles was also first-team All-Sun Coast in baseball. Hit .400 with 17 stolen bases.
Tampa Bay Online image


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Anonymous said...

Frank- No I'm not happy they are waiting for mid July to start a marketing push. They have wasted so much time it is sad. Unless UMASS averages 25k this year will be a disaster in the eyes of the Boston media,who is waiting for UMASS to fall on their face. Let's not let this happen!!