Monday, June 04, 2012

Recruiting 2013--Lemond Johnson

Image credit unknown reports UMass has offered to Lemond Johnson, a 6-1 190 pd athlete/defensive back from Cooper City, FL.

Johnson's Rivals page here. Note that he is being recruited for UConn by Don Brown and for Maryland by Keith Dudzinski.

This article features Johnson.

This late May article updates his recruiting.

Johnson holds offers from 20+ FBS schools.


Anonymous said...

Uconn will be fighting us for players now. We have a better campus, better school, better everything in my opinion. Now that we are fbs we will be breathing down there necks.

Anonymous said...

Why are we wasting time offering kids who got offered by LSU??? How are we getting this kid?

UMass74 said...

I think UMass can recruit with BC and UConn. UMass and Boston College have different demographics for recruits.

And Husky football does not have much name recognition.

MinuteFan said...

In response to why we might recruit a kid who was offered by LSU. I have no inside knowledge of this particular situation, but here are some examples. First off, position. He is listed as an athlete/defensive back. Maybe LSU wants him to play safety, UMass tells him he has a shot at starting QB and the kid wants to play offense. Second, playing time. At LSU, he may be just another number among dozens of blue chip prospects. He has a far better chance of starting at a school like UMass. I'm not saying we have a great chance of landing him, but if you want to play with the big boys, you can't give up offering to a kid just because some of the big boys are also interested.

UMass74 said...

LSU took 24 recruits in 2012 and already have 15 verbals for 2013. So if Johnson really wants to go to LSU he's contending with about 40 other recruits for about 9 available slots.

In recruiting it's standard practice to query the kid's HS coach if he would consider a recruiting offer. If he had zero interest in UMass, we would not have made the offer.