Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Tuesday---June 5th, 2012

As you know, I'm an amateur astronomer. It looks like it's going to be cloudy in New England for the Transit of Venus latter today. Astronomy Picture-of-the-Day will have live streaming video of the event. Don't miss it. The next transit isn't until 2117. Wonder how UMass football will do that year?


The Worcester Telegram reports that Holy Cross is adding Jeff Wiley to its Ring-of-Honor. The story tells of Wiley setting a Crusader record of 438 yards (the UMass press guide says 446) against UMass in McGuirk. Wiley still holds the McGuirk opponent passing yards record. I was at that game and it started some bad blood between UMass and the Cross. UMass fans and coach Reid were not upset at the 54-10 score, it was the fact that Heisman Trophy candidate Gordy Lockbaum was still in the game late in the forth quarter. If I remember right,  he scored the last Holy Cross TD.


The ESPN NFL East blog reviews the Giants receivers.

 Relevant quote for UMass fans" :"With due respect to New England's Wes Welker, there was no team in the league that got from its slot receiver position what the Giants got last year from Cruz."


Although he won't be playing football for UMass, the Fall River Herald News has a nice human interest story about future UMass student Alex Reid.


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