Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Wednesday--April 4th, 2011

Linebackers, not the sanest of individuals
Continuing our series on the UMass defense. The Minutemen lost only one linebacker out of the last two-deep chart I have. But it was a big loss as Tyler Holmes graduated. He was the leading tackler on the team going 11-11 GP-GS 69 UT 49 AT 118 TT 6.0 TFL 2.0-17 SACKS 1-0 INT  7 BKUP. Holmes also led UMass in pass BKUP.

UPDATE: As a commenter pointed out I missed Shane Viveiros and Courtney Jackson. Actually, I picked up that this morning, but Comcast dropped a 10 hour service outage on me for the rest of the day.

The Minutemen also lose Shane Viveiros 6-6 GP-GS 15 UT 11 AT 26 TT 3.0-17 TFL 1-26 INT 2 BKUP. The UMass defense was a lot better when Viveiros was in there. Also graduating was Courtney Jackson 8-3 GP-GS 7 UT 5 AT 12 TT.

Returning in 2011:
The Minutemen return the #2 and #4 leading tacklers on the defense. Counting dual-position players there are five possible LB's on the the 2012 recruiting list.


Matty V reports the UMass offensive line has impressed Coach Hudson.


Ron Chimelis has a story about the improved UMass hoops program and covers the four MAC games we will play next year. Ohio's run to the Sweet Sixteen should make a good home for UMass fans.

A couple of NCAA appearances would not hurt UMass' image if we try for a BCS league in football in the future.


Victor Cruz is a restricted free agent, so he is stuck with his contract. He can't imagine holding out.



Joe said...

I think you missed 2 departing SR LBs. Shane V and Courtney Jackson. Regardless, the loss of Tyler Holmes will be felt the most.

Love everything Coach Molnar has done thus far and looking forward to watching some games at Gillette. This is the change UM football needed. It is now time for the Boston media to start paying attention to the program, because they will be making some noise in the next few years.

As Coach Calipari used to say back in the 90's about UM bball, "UMass is YOUR state school!" Start paying attention.

Anonymous said...

Shane will be easily replaced. We have talent in the defensive backfield. Tyler is a huge loss, wonder if an nfl team takes a stab at him. He can just play ball.