Sunday, April 29, 2012

UMass Spring game

Matty V. has some notes from the Alumni game.

Jeff Thomas has an article from the game.

The UMass website has an article and some post game video.

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The Alumni played a spirited game delivering two of the best hits of the whole game.

The crowd was about twice what it had been last year. It was a sunny, but cold day. It felt like November.

The second half of the game, the scrimmage between the varsity was pretty slow. It looked like they ran some of the same stuff over and over. Note that there  was a scout from a MAC team watching.

In addition, the offense was working with only a portion of their personnel. Still, given that, our QB's did not have a good game. The offense is work in progress for Coach Molnar and staff.


2012 poster

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Bumpa said...

A MAC scout was there? How'd you know? What school cares enough to send someone? Or do is there a scout who happens to live in the 413?

Bumpa said...

A MAC scout was there? For real? Do you know what from what school?

TopUMassFan said...

Seeing #5 execute his spin move one more time made the trip from Topsfield to the alumni game worth it for me. I wish they had had a better intro for the alumni players but the fact so many guys came back to play (and those that didn't) says a lot about where the program has been and where it is going. Thanks Alums for a day of great memories!

UMass74 said...

RE: scout. That's what I heard. Didn't see him myself

Anonymous said...

We still need a quarterback. That's a missing piece right now heading into camp.

Anonymous said...

The freshman could end up being the starter. He can run the ball. This offense is not made to have pagel.

Anonymous said...

I agree with TopUmassFan-I thought he was gonna rip one off and said so to Marcel at halftime and brought back memories of the Umass beatdown on Northeatern 77-7 when Marcel ripped off 2-3 long runs

What was up with Branchflower? He was only player without helmut on standing on sideline
Sound system was terrible
Best play of the day was the hit by #7 of the Alumni team-when he lit someone up!

Anonymous said...

J rob was a fantastic player for umass. One of the best ever in the defensive backfield. He made the big hit.

Anonymous said...

Still need a QB? Typical to blame things on the QB when it was obvious that the game plan was ver limited and the D knew it. Not much separation between WR and DB's out there. Not sure if that was from the basic package used or lack of speed by WR. My impression is the former. Pagel can flat out throw it. Understand the game before you criticize someone.

Anonymous said...

Offense will be fine! They went very Vanilla out there Sat. D has advantage in these games in that they practice against them every day and it seems like the O went with about four or 5 basic plays. All in all, with the exception of scoring I think they looked pretty good for a first time running the no huddle. They will certainly throw the ball down the field more as they progress. I thought a couple of recievers looked very good, and the backs looked very good as well. QB looked fine. Its all a work in progress but was exciting to see the start of something new!