Sunday, April 22, 2012

Suynday--April 22nd, 2012

UMass has announced it's schedule for some future non-conference games.

Matty V. has a story here.


2012: at UConn (Aug. 30), Indiana (Sept. 8), at Michigan (Sept. 15), at Vanderbilt (Oct. 27)

2013: at Wisconsin (Aug. 31), at Kansas State (Sept. 14), Vanderbilt (Sept. 21)

2014: Boston College (Aug. 30), Colorado (Sept. 6), at Penn State (Sept. 20), at Vanderbilt (Oct. 4)

2015: at Colorado (Sept. 12), at Notre Dame (Sept. 20)

2016: at Florida (Sept. 3), at Boston College (Sept. 17)

2017: at Indiana (Sept. 23)

2018: at Boston College (Sept. 1), Vanderbilt (Sept. 8)

2019: at Colorado (Sept. 7)

BOLD denotes home games

The big news is the addition of Penn State. Beaver Stadium will be another great venue to visit.

 Hopefully, UMass will be able to win in the MAC, as the OOC conference is very difficult through 2014.


The Boston Herald says UMass Football sees a bright future. Note that it lists the UMass Spring Game at 4:00 PM Saturday.

Centre Daily (Penn State) has an article here.


UConn played their spring game yesterday. JUCO transfer QB Chandler Whitmer was the star of the game.



Anonymous said...

Enough with Kansas State. Is there some connection between the schools I don't know about?

Anonymous said...

Don't know of any connection, but friends of mine have made the trip and had a great time, and the K State people couldn't have been nicer.

UMass74 said...

Mrs Blog and I have gone twice and had an excellent time. The first time K-State had future All-Pro Darren Sproles. The UMass defense did a good job on him. He got loose twice, but the rest of his carries were about 3 yards a pop.

And last time UMass had the ball twice at the end of the game with a chance to win. As the previous poster said, the K-State people were nice. Both times we stayed at a motel just outside the gates of the University and had an easy walk to the game.

Anonymous said...

Whether the people were nice or not, or how well UMass did isn't the point. This will be the third time they have played Kansas State. It's in KANSAS. How about playing a more local team that many times?