Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday-- April 18th, 2012

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UMass will hold a free football youth clinic at Gillette this Saturday at 2:30 pm. It will be held before the UMass-Hofstra Lax game. Congrats to UMass lacrosse for their #1 ranking, BTW.


Speaking of Gillette, Matty V. has some notes about UMass, the Patatrots and the N.E. Revolution scheduling at Gillette.


Pre-Snap Read previews UMass football for 2012.

BC Interruption laughs hysterically.

Before your react to BC Interruption, consider the fact that BC just dropped their hoops series with UMass.

That would have nothing to do with the fact that UMass smoked BC in 2011 and the Minutemen are likely to be even better this year, would it? Nooooo.

Matty V wonders if the Eagle will still have Stony Brook and New Hampshire on their schedule next year.

Let me make a prediction. Cut and paste it into a text editor and then print it out and trim it down. Tape it to the back of your monitor or somewhere you can find it because it will take a couple of years for it to come true.

Boston College has offered UMass a two-for-one series in football. Here's the prediction:

The new UMass-Boston College football series will last until UMass's first win. Then the Eagles will suddenly find there is no room on their schedule for the Minutemen.

The Eagles schedule in the ACC, a league that regularly loses to CAA teams, will be just too demanding to fit in UMass...


Speaking of the UMass football schedule, Hustle Belt says UMass is aiming high.


A Bleacher Report writer wants the Big East to take East Carolina immediately.

Relevant quote for UMass fans:

That could in turn light a fire under the Big East's preferred choice, Air Force, to take the 16th slot or lose out to the emerging FBS program at UMASS.

UMass' national reputation in Lax, women's sports and a resurgent basketball team would make an attractive package for the Big East, if the Minutemen are successful in the MAC.



Anonymous said...

Who wants the Big East? Aim for the Big Ten.

prof. said...

I think your prognostication regarding BC is going to prove prophetic.