Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday -- April 12th, 2012

Matty V. says Kellen Pagel is leading RSFR Mike Wegzyn in the QB battle so far.

RSSO Brandon Hill is out of Spring practice with a shoulder injury that will require surgery.


Jeff Thomas says UMass will likely release an official version of its future schedule next week.

He also says the renovations to McGuirk and the new 38,000 square foot practice facility are on schedule and should be complete in July of 2014.

Adding a new press box to McGuirk indicates to me that UMass will play some games in Amherst after 2014.


Mrs Blog and I belong to the Minuteman Club as well as the 100 yard Club. The Minutemen Club now sends out a e-newsletter.

Hopefully all UMass football fans will join either/both. The annual dues for the Minuteman Club is only $25.


UCONN Coach Pasqualoni joked that the Huskies may not name their starting QB until the night before the UMass game.

OT, but UConn is considering moving to Hockey East.


I didn't get the UMass 1989 history post completed. Hope to have it up for you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Heard Hill tore his throwing shoulder in the wrestling workouts, apparently needs surgery and done for the year!

Anonymous said...

I saw the football facilities upgrade news at McGuirk and the proposed new pressbox, however I've seen nothing about seating capacity increase. Anything on this? As for playing games there after 2014, I'd like to see that limited to one mid-week MAC game per year.

prof. said...

Why on earth are QBs wrestling--or any other skill position? Crazy!

prof. said...

McGuirk needs to be built out or razed. Play in Gillette for five years, but make plans now for a new 25,000-seat on-campus stadium with room for expansion and one that accommodate soccer and lacrosse. It's long overdue. The school needs it and the students and alumni deserve it.

Anonymous said...

wrestling workouts refers to workouts done in the wrestling room at boyden gym during winter workouts

Anonymous said...

Any update on B. Hill ? Has he had his surgery and is he coming back this year or is he out until 2013?