Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Recruiting 2012--Khary Bailey-Smith II

Marc Vasconellos image
UMass recruit Khary Bailey-Smith recently had a 22'-3 1/2 broad jump.

 The article says he hopes to continue his track career at UMass.


Anonymous said...

Hello from the Top Roww

One on hand we are happy to say that one of our sons came back from Afghanistan just a few weeks ago and except for having trouble adjusting to traffic jams - he is in good shape.

On the other hand my Top Roww mate is still trying to deal with the recent passing of a Rhody Army Nat'l Guardsman who recently passed away after saving a little girl from being run over by a vehicle and was instead hit while saving her. He knew him and his family pretty well.

Hoping all of his family are doing well.

Have only recently been checking the boards and to be honest it is kind of tough to see some - though not all - of the rants.

Seems that Coach Charlie is doing a good job and except for a few players - all are still on board. Will know more after the spring game. Have put out some feelers to try and find out if practices are open or not and once we get an answer will be glad to pass along.

From what we have seen the O and D lines will have a lot to say on how we do this year. Who will carrying or catching the ball?????

Well that is a good question to get answered soon.

Have a good day and if you see a man in uniform- thank them for their service.

UMass74 said...

Top Roww:

Very glad your son is OK. In the greater scheme of things sports are not important.

Tell him "Welcome home!" from a Vietnam-Era Navy vet.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear from Top Roww.
I send a big Thank You to your son for his service to our country.. Semper Fi.. Sorry to hear about the guardsman. Our soldiers, sailors, airman and marines are always ready to put their lives on the line for another, no matter where and when...That is why our military is and will always be the best...