Monday, April 09, 2012

Monday--April 9th, 2012

Yesterday, I linked to an article about three possible FCS Vs FBS upsets. TSN has a conference by conference look at FCS games against FBS.

Our new MAC brothers play three teams UMass has a history with. Towson Vs Kent State looks like the best shot for an FCS upset. The Tigers went 9-3 and were CAA champs. We've played Morgan State a couple of times, but they should be out classed by Akron. Rhode Island plays Bowling Green. The Rams continue to reduce scholarships as they cycle into the NEC next year.


Speaking of Bowling Green, a Rhode Island win might be the end of Dave Clawson.


The Minutemen will play a no-huddle offense this year. So will Penn State.


Nineteen days until the UMass Spring Game.



Anonymous said...

Is this blog losing steam. Not many comments, especially with spring season in full bloom..Where is TopRoww and the others? The over view of the offense and defense didn't add any perspectives on the up coming season. Are the practices closed door? Is Molnar controlling too much??

UMass74 said...

April and May are about the slowest months for football. The college football magazines come out in June and start to get everyone fired up.

The Spring game is not that far away. It should generate some material for the blog.

Not much has come out of spring practice so far.