Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday--April 23rd, 2012

UPDATE: I missed this interview by Jeff Thomas with Coach Molnar. Football Scoop has a comment about the interview.


If you're planning a trip to Norte Dame, and I'm sure you are, the date has been corrected.

Matty also has an article on transfer restrictions. In my view, the one-year sit out is essential, or BCS teams would be cherry picking the entire rest of the football universe.


BC Interruption has a post on the three-game series Boston College signed with UMass.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- mentions Penn State's future game with UMass.


A Bleacher Report writer ranks the conferences by starting QB's and lists the MAC as #5.


CBS Sports looks at the successful Big Ten Network and its implication for the BCS meetings. Remember that UMass-Michigan tied for the top Neilson rating on the BTN.


A Chicago Tribune writer ranks Emil Igwenagu as the #9 TE in the NFL draft. says the Redskins could be interested in Emil as a fullback.

CBS Sports has a slightly garbled capsule on  Igwenagu's  abilities as a fullback.



Anonymous said...

Had a chance to see Saturdays open practice! Very Very impressive! Non stop, up tempo offense and an overall tough minded approach to everything! Very exciting! Best of luck to the team!

Anonymous said...

I read the interview with great detail and love what I read. The part that concerns is me a little is his statement about filling the lower bowl of Gillette Stadium. He said he'd be disappointed if that didn't happen. He also went on to say that "we've got the fans". I'm not really sure this is true. We may have the "alumni", but not necessarily the football fans who are going to fill up 25-30K in the lower bowl and be willing to commit Saturday afternoons in Foxboro. The McGuirk fan numbers will have to essentially triple to make this happen. And I'm not counting McGuirk attendance on "band day" when high school students were forced to sit in the stands and counted towards attendance figures for the day. The UMass ticket marketing program had better get underway quickly.