Thursday, January 19, 2012

UMass adds assistant coaches

I was going to wait until tomorrow to blog on two additions to the UMass staff, but enough material is accumulating to make a decent post, so here goes.

Several sources report that former Hawaii offensive coordinator Nick Rolovich has joined the UMass staff as offensive coordinator/ QB coach.

Story from Matty V.

Story from Jeff Thomas.

Rolovich's Hawaii bio. Read it. Wikipedia bio.


Also reported to join the UMass staff is Ron Hudson offensive line/ run game coordinator from New Mexico.

Hudson's New Mexico bio.

Story about Coach Hudson's early days in coaching.

Coach Hudson talks about the run game at New Mexico's 2011 media day


Also reported to be joining the Minutemen is Charlie Molnar Jr, a graduate assistant from the Buffalo Bulls.

Story about his hiring at Buffalo.


Former UMass assistant coach Dyran Peake became the first of the former UMass staff to land a job as he has been hired as an assistant coach at Coastal Carolina.



Anonymous said...

Wow Hudson Oline grinded it out with 113 yds a game. Great job with Lobos. Our Oline here will be much better than the one he just came from.

UMass74 said...

The 1-11 Lobos were not a great offensive machine, but subtracting the 119 "rushes" by the Lobos QB's, the top three RBs went 250-968-3.87/yards rush.

UMass averaged 3.5 yards/rush, 127.4 net yards/game

Anonymous said...

Does charlie know that mass is located in the northeast? Who is going to recruit new england?

Anonymous said...

113 yards a game in college football is terrible. What are you talking about with that stat?

Anonymous said...

2010 new mexico 100.2 yds rushing. 3.3 yds a carry.
He was quoted as his lines "grind" . You chose to compare Franky. 2010 Umass our line had 2 guy just under a thousand yds rushing, thats "grinding". Same Oline still here. Let's hope he doesn't screw it up. We are Vets!

Anonymous said...

from up in the Top Roww and looking forward to seeing how Victor does this weekend.

We three are unanimous It'll be Giants vs Pats after this weekend.

Just offering up some cponjecture here but Coach Charlie has been associatedc with some very, very good offenses over the last 10 years or so. The W Michigan teams was very good and Cincy was amazingly good. At both schools the offenses performed very well with QB's that seemed to change yearly or even midseason.

At ND they did well too. Ofcourse the QB's a team gets are just a shade above those that we might see.

As for our new OL coach and where will go. Lets consider this - how many bowl rings does Coach Charlie have??? Seems like a lot. With that in mind and knowing he has been around it would seem that we will be putting points on the board either running or most likely throwing the ball.

After watching more than a few MAC games one thing sure stuck out- either be able to score points by any way possible or you will likely get outscored badly cuz the other MAC teams can sure score.

Hope everyone has fun watching these games this weekend and will keep an eye out for how many MAC players will be involved. MLB Blackburn for the Giants is an Akron guy.

As for Akron - they have Bowden and a great DC now on board. This team will no doubt improve very quickly.

Looking forward to finding out where we all sit next season.