Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday--January 20th, 2012

Ravens image has a feature on Clarence Brooks. Mentions his New Bedford roots and his time at UMass.

Brooks Baltimore bio.


Our first FBS ranking. College Football News predicts us last in the MAC East in 2012. Just think, next year we will be in all the College Football magazines.


Victor Cruz is all over like horse poop. Now he's helping unveil the official Super Bowl artwork.

That was after he was disrespected by Carlos Rogers.


The Pats Patrick Chung says James Ihedigbo is one smart football player.

ESPN says Ihedigbo was one of the Patriots drawing a big media crowd.



Anonymous said...

Being picked for last place in the MAC East? I'm insulted! I'm shocked! LOL! Where else were we going to picked to finish?...

Anonymous said...

from up in the Top Roww

Coach Rolo (that name is sticking with him) is an excellent coach who has a great history of taking advantage of the kinds of players he has and what the opposition throws up against him.

His offensive teams are notorious for piling up yards and points.

Would seem that with him and Coach Charlie we will be scoring points a lot of the time.

Was Coach Hudsn on the staff w/ Urban Meyer when Meyer was coaching at BG and turned them into a very good team?????

Anonymous said...

People called for change at umass well you got it. Stop complaining about. They totally changed the staff with guys who have no prior roots to umass. Thats what you were asking for and they did it.

Anonymous said...

With a passing offense, hopefully the receivers we have will rise to the occasion.

We need to recruit a long snapper!

Anonymous said...

UMass is lucky to get Rolo. His amazing and brilliant offensive mind can only be a huge plus for Charley Molnar...the dynamic duo! Good luck UMass and let the passing numbers soar!