Monday, January 16, 2012

Recruiting 2012---Vondell Langston

Jonathan Wiggs/Globe image
I've blogged about Vondell Langston before.

Yesterday, the 6-1 215 pd OLB from Everett became the fourth player to commit to UMass.

ESPN Insider: UMass gains LB Vondell Langston. says Langston headed to UMass.

ESPN high school report: Everett linebacker Vondell Langston commits to UMass.

Matty V has a story in the Gazette.


Anonymous said...

fom Big Time UMASSer

Word is Molnar is bringing his son in as an offensive GA. wonders what happens to the current offensive GA. I thought GS's couldn't be fired. Maybe he's moved to a different GA spot.

Anonymous said...

How about coach molnar hiring his own son to be on the staff? I don't like that one bit, Steve Spurrier and Bobby Bowden can get away with that not charley molnar. He better win fast.

Anonymous said...

Not sure why neal brown is not our head coach right now.

Anonymous said...

Good recruit in Langston.

UMass74 said...

It was reported right from the start that Coach Molnar was interested in bringing his son, who was a grad assistant at another MAC school, over to UMass. Check the archives.

One of today's article says Shane Waldron is TE coach.

Anonymous said...

From Big Time UMASSer

I know he mentioned it. But he phrased it by saying something like eventually, I just thought eventually wouldn't have meant this year. But who knows, his son could end up being a great coach.

Anonymous said...

Who cares if his son comes to UMass.

Anonymous said...

If his son has the same qulities as his father has shown it will
be a very good addition. People always have to complain about something! Geez . .

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't you bring your son along? He's only a GA! I'd be more surprised if he didn't make this known.