Thursday, January 05, 2012

Thursday---January 5, 2012

Matty V. reports that it's official, UMass will be in the MAC East Division. Bowling Green gets moved to the West to balance the league.

UMass Athletic Dept post on it.

The MAC Blog "Hustle Belt" has a post about it.

So does The same source also has an article on Kent State's recruiting that I thought was interesting. UMass likely has a similar system. ESPN has the results for the Golden Flashes so far.


In addition, Marcel Shipp will be inducted into the UMass Hall-of-Fame.

UMass Athletic Dept article with bios of the six new members of the Hall-of-Fame.

Republican file image


The NY Post says Victor Cruz is loving the limelight.


Wednesday's Football Scoop post has Don Brown a finalist for the Yale HC job ?!!



hampfan said...

long overdo for marcel shipp.

Anonymous said...

Don brown again? Talk about a confused man, I don't understand it. Why did he leave umass in the first place, he's taking a major step back going to Yale. He would be an fbs head coach right now.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Don Brown left but at that point I'm not sure anyone really saw Umass moving to FBS. He did what he thought he had to do at the time.

Anonymous said...

Why wouldn't brown apply for the umass job? He's a better candidate then Charley molnar with no head coaching experience. Makes no sense he should have stayed at umass.

Anonymous said...

He was not following the athletic departments guidelines, felt he was above any was time.

Anonymous said...

I don't remember any incidents when brown was coach.

Anonymous said...

You were not privy to what was going on.News flash-not everything gets reported on. Just ask anyone what happened with Mike Williams, when Calipari removed him from the team just before March Madness,as an upperclassman.None of your business... but it did happen.