Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday--January 10, 2012

Don Brown has withdrawn his name from the Yale coaching search as per the Hartford Courant. Several sources said he was the front runner in Yale's search. I'm not sure how well he would have fit at Yale. Brown had a significant portion of his success at UMass with FBS transfers and some prop 48 players. Both those sources would not have been available at an Ivy League school.

More from the Daily Yale news.


NBC's "Inside the Irish" blog says Coach Molnar was going to be let go by Notre Dame before he was hired by UMass.


Former UMass assistant coach John Strollo (1992-95 has joined the Penn State staff. The article also mentions former UMass coach Ted Roof (1994-96) as a possible hire for Bill O'Brien. That brings the known Penn State staff to seven.

I've blogged about Strollo and Roof several times in the past.


Speaking of coaching staffs, wasn't UMass' staff supposed to be complete by last week?

Still no announcement from the UMass Athletic Dept.


No news on recruiting either.



Anonymous said...

great nothing better then getting a coach who was fired, hasnt named a staff. is molnar hiding behind the nd glory days of the 1940's? thats not good news.

Anonymous said...

who is our oline coach? why not just bring Brian Picucci back, he is out of a job. look at his body of work at umass over the years, very good o line every year.

UMass74 said...

Re: Coach Molnar. Be perceptive enough not to be one of the "it was on the internet, so it has to be true" guys.

The other thing is there are always a lot of churning of assistant coaches in top programs. Note that there have been a number of other stories that Molnar was ready to have a program of his own. This may or may not have coincided with the HC "revising" his staff.

Many fans are--bluntly---nuts and start raving anytime their team does not go 12-0. So, to show they're doing something, HC tend to replace assistant coaches on a regular basis. As far as I can see, most times it has no bearing on the assistant coach's ability. it's basically Kabuki theater.

A good example was Whipple as QB coach at Miami. We've had a number of posts here ranking on Whip. I watched a number of Miami games and Whipple did not have a quarterback to coach.

Notre Dame is not going 12-0 next year, or the year after, or the year after that. So expect Kelly to keep changing assistant coaches as long as he is there.

It's not just ND. Expect the LSU fan base, instead of being happy for such a great year, complain about the offensive coaches and the HC "Can't win the big one!!!".

Anonymous said...

Let's put in perspective that nd fans want 10-2 every year and frankly that program sucks. Next year nd will be predicted to be in the bcs again.Not even a top 25 program so they need fall guys and maybe molnar was up for that fall who knows.

DEM said...

I agree with UMass 74. Sounds like ND fans are trying to rationalize and make somebody a whipping boy...Molnar is an easy target since he's leaving.

Anonymous said...

I see a bad trend already taking place. Weather Coach Molnar was being let go by ND or he was ready to go ,we need to let the man come in and do his job! Give him and his new staff a chance. New flash tho:::: If you expect us to go 500 next season you are dreamimg big time! Its a work in progress.

Unless "the top roww" say something or see it differently.

Anonymous said...

from the Top Roww to our last anonymous poster

Been away for a while dealing with life issues we all deal with. UMass football is something fun I/we are involved with.

Coach Molnar has been on board for a little over 1 month. For those of us looking to see where we will be sitting next season we all think that Coach Charlie and the new staff have to be given at least some time to get everything going.

So for now we do not think Coach Charlie and his band of merry coaches are neither great, ok, so-so or terrible since most of all we do not know them yet and we will have to wait n see what they can do.

Was good to see the MAC bowl teams go 4-1 though and as far as our hopes for next season . . . . well call us crazy but we are hoping to be scratching at .500 at seasons end.

Yes we do see the glass as half full where we sit.