Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Recruiting 2012--Julian Kaminoff

Dave Garret/Phillyburbs image
Scout.com says Julian Kaminoff, 5-11 180 safety from New Hope, PA has changed his verbal from Buffalo to UMass.

Scout.com page here. Scout two star player. Position rank #167.

Philly.com says he's a big talent from a small school.

As a junior, he made Scout.com's sleeper alert.


Anonymous said...

This message is for "the top row guy"

First of all u need to stop talking so bad/to TAP as only you can say. Have you notice that every stadium have a "top row" with hundreds of fans up there, not just you! therefore its impossible to say that on this blog you are not a TAP also. Let me ask you this ....name everyone that sits on the top row in any stadium you have ever been in...you cant , so stop thinking if you say "from the top row" you are somewhat identifying yourself. Also you often say "WE" from the top row, no one else up there ever back up your far off oponions! In closing until the entire bloggers know each person on the top row you are a TAP too!

Anonymous said...

well well well Mr TAP. Here we have another ANONYMOUS poster blathering on.

Not too sure where to start. NLI will be here on Wed and would much rather be talking about the new additions or the new staff but here we have another TAP who chooses to post oh so anonymously.

If you cared to look into a lot of our(yup there are three of us) previous posts you would note that when we played games at McGuirk we posted that we all sat in Section 16 Row AA seats 27-29. That was about the 46-49 yard line on the northern side of the field. For ease of typing we changed this to the Top Roww. Not sure how much more specific we could be.

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Some of my row mates sometimes post their views but most of time it is just one of us. We go to just about every home game and usually 1-3 away games. We will be going to the UConn and Michigan games this year.

Have introduced ourselves to Frank who runs this blog - very, very well we might add as well as to some of the other supporters of the program along with some of the family and parents we sometimes meet. We are all likely to go to the Spring Game and talk with some of the players and some supporters as well.

So Mr TAP here is your one response.

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The 2012 season record is 0-0. We are some pretty fierce optimists in the Top Roww and we have already asked for a win against UConn. That might make our season if that can happen.

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Anonymous said...

From top row 2

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My row mate is clueless about the Super Bowl. Giants 29 Pats 20