Sunday, January 08, 2012

Sunday--January 8, 2012

Steve Spagnuolo reflects on his coaching career including his start at UMass. Now that he has been fired as HC for the Rams, there has been a lot of talk on Giants boards that he will return to the G-men as defensive coordinator.


Northern Illinois hopes to continue the MAC's bowl success tonight against Arkansas State.


Past Giants Super Bowl hero David Tyree lauds Victor Cruz.

Tyree says Cruz is "Like me on steroids".

The NY Times says Tyree and Cruz are united in Giants lore.


North Dakota's defense, which had previously shut down prolific offenses from teams like Georgia Southern, did it again yesterday. The Bison's "D" held Sam Houston State to 6 points and won the National Championship for North Dakota.


The Boston Herald has a story about Bill O'Brien being an unknown to many former Penn State players.

O'Brien has hired an assistant coach who is not from UMass.



Anonymous said...

Looking at bill obrien's resume, he was the offensive coordinator for duke. During his two years at duke he won one game. One game! Penn st is going to be terrible and obrien should give Tom Brady half his paycheck.

Anonymous said...

The fact that Duke doesn't win much isn't due to the coaches. Duke has incredibly high academic standards and therefore its very tough to keep players eligible. So players that other colleges get that aren't the greatest academically, don't have a chance at Duke, so they lose the ability to recruit about 50% of the best athletes

Anonymous said...

Stanford winsand their standards are even higher than Dukes

Anonymous said...

Sad excuse. Basketball team at duke finds a way to win and keep players eligible.