Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wednesday News----July 21, st, 2010

CBS3 Springfield on the enshrinement of Coach MacPherson and Milt Morin into the College Hall of Fame.


Ole Miss says "No" to former Oregeon QB Jeremiah Masoli. The Bleacher Report says he might go FCS/I-AA, but nobody really wants a player who will be doing time in a couple of years.


The Richmond Spiders think they've got the best stadium in the Division.


William & Mary has named their weight room after their strength coach.


Today is forty-five days until football starts. Wearing #45 for UMass this year will be Chris Chamberlin a 6-2 240 pd RS SO LB from South Easton, MA. Chamberlin played in 10 games last year and had 5 TT in 2009.


vetteson said...

Many, many hugely mismatched schedules in the eastern U.S. this year. Do the lions really need a certain victory (for moral?) or do the lambs need the money? ANyway, I always cheer for the underdog in these games and maybe we'll witness a few upsets this year (but no, not UMass).

Anonymous said...

why not make a play for masoli? you have nothing to lose trying to recruit him and they have no qb. The head coach of Oregon is from UNH and im sure someone on the staff knows him.

Anonymous said...

Nothing to lose? The kid has been arrested for burglary and marijuana possession, and is awaiting trial. There is a lot to lose recruiting someone like that.

Anonymous said...

we were dead last in APR in the CAA, we are not yale. If we are not going to give kids second chances then someone else will. He has not been convicted of any wrong doing and is a young 20 yr old kid.

Anonymous said...

I would take Masoli any day of the week. WE only need him for a year to help Hill adjust, and it's not like he's the first football player to ever get arrested.

Anonymous said...

Newsflash, APR has nothing to do with being a criminal. It's academic. Masoli's problems weren't academic, it's he's a criminal.

Anonymous said...

newsflash - Masoli is going to the University of Mississippi