Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Revised Summer Roster up

UMass has a revised 2010 roster up. It includes some additions to the roster and the 2010 recruits have been assigned numbers.

The revisions are probably not complete. Coach Morris mentioned JUCO QB Ian Shultis at the Friends of Football meeting Monday night. He also stated UMass will have FBS/I-A transfers from Temple and Syracuse and those do not yet appear on the roster. He also mentioned UMass might add further players later in the summer.

The one every one will be interested in is #3 Ian Shultis, 6-2 200 pd SO QB from Moorpark JUCO in CA.

His page here. He broke Moorepark records in his freshman year. His 2009 YouTube highlights are here.

In HS, Schultis drew recruiting interest from Boston College, Harvard, Holy Cross, San Diego State, TCU, U Cal Davis and Utah.

Also new on the roster is Raymond Pendagast, a 6-5 195 pd FR QB from Bridgeport CT. I've blogged about Pendagast twice before.


Wearing #30 will be Igor Garcia, a 6-1 180 pd FR K from Medford, MA. I've previously blogged about him.


Wearing #32 is Ryan Collins, a 6-0 180 pd FR DB from Walpole, MA.


Travis Poston, a 6-6 330 pd RS SO OL from Amber PA , actually transferred from Villanova last year and had to sit out 2009 because he was a laterial transfer. I have four previous blog posts about Poston.


Wearing #98 is Daniel Maynes, a 6-2 265 pd FR DL from Waltham, MA. I've blogged about Maynes before.


Col Hogan said...

I sure hope some of these new people are going to be immediate help. I see UMass ranked 8th out of ten teams in the CAA pre-season poll. The other teams obviously have little respect for the Minutemen this year. I hope its not going to be another long season.

Anonymous said...

Ian Shultis looks like he could be a solid backup, just worried about his size and arm strength.

Anonymous said...

now that we have a bunch of QB's i hope we can get one good one out of the bunch. Being picked 8th is something we haven't seen around here in a while. I hope to god we're better than that.

MinuteFan said...

When we are bringing in JUCO transfer QBs who know nothing of our system 6 weeks before the first game, it tells you all you need to know about how the coach feels about the QBs he already has. Brandon Hill may be the long term answer, but starting a true freshman at this level is never "Plan A". Expect a season much like last year. I think the defense will be good out of the gate, running game should be all right too. We should be able to win some games just over-matching the opponent (URI, Stony Brook, Towson). But when we play quality teams (the majority of the schedule), they will dare UMass to throw, and the resulting INTs will put the defense against a short field too many times, wearing them down. Substandard QB play has a ripple effect that is felt in every phase of the game. I really hope to be wrong about this, but......

Anonymous said...

Way to stay positive on here guys! Go Umass

Anonymous said...

Keep Positive Guys, I've been told that Hill is already up there working out,throwing, and looks great. So, if he picks up the offense pretty quick and he's ready to go I would play the best guy for the job regardless of being a freshmen.

Anonymous said...

May I say two words Todd Bankhead.

UMASS5 said...

Gentleman, lets give Coach Morris time to bring in his quality players and Coach em up!

“There are two things every man in America thinks he can do: work a grill and coach football.” (Greg Schiano)