Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday News ----July 10th, 2010

If UMass is still looking for another QB, LSU's Chris Garrett is available. He was a top 20 Pro-Style QB in the country by both Rivals and


The Boise Hawks have a new outfielder----Villanova's Matt Szczur.



Anonymous said...

we still need a qb for next year not sure what Morris is thinking. He has shown way too much loyalty to Havens. A mark of an inexperienced coach in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Morris is a great coach with a ton of knowledge for the game. He knows what he has, and knows what he is doing, and now that he hand picked his recruits it's only looking up for him. Also, i'm not quite sure why people tend to think that he's stuck on Havens because believe me he def. isn't.(Hence Haven's display Last year) I wouldn't be shocked at all if Brandon Hill get's the start this year.

Anonymous said...

No way they are starting a true freshman at qb in the CAA.